Our latest digital motor have undergone three generations of optimizations, maximum speed up to 115,000 rpm, with stronger wind speeds and smaller noise, as well as better heat control. Combined with Infineon's iMOTION™ drive solution, we can customize control and display solutions for different customers that are better suited to their product structure.

Digital Motor 1st

First Generation

Successfully developed the first generation of digital motor, it has more than 80,000rpm speed, power does not exceed 120W, wind speed is more than twice the market traditional hair dryer.

Digital Motor 2nd

Second Generation

According to market feedback, the motor has been completely redesigned. It has a smaller size, the speed has been up to 110,000 rpm, while the wind speed is also higher than the first generation, and the noise is much smaller than the first generation.

This is an amazing product iteration upgrade.

Digital Motor 3rd

Third Generation

On the basis of the second generation, we further optimized the internal structure of the motor, so that the motor noise and heating control has been further improved, while the motor speed has also been raised to 115,000rpm.

Infineon iMOTION™ motor drive solution

Customized 100VAC to 230VAC power drive solutions are available to meet your exact needs.

Digital Motor 3rd

Dimension Diagram

Digital Motor 3rd

Prototype Test

Digital Motor 3rd

Patent Certificate

Digital Motor 3rd